How Telegram Builds A Crypto Community for your ICO

telegram builds crypto community for your ico | List of ICO

In this article, we will learn how Telegram builds a Crypto Community for your ICO…

There has been a rapid surge in the number of cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges, and wallets in the past few years. Institutional and retail investors are looking at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a promising investment.

An increasing number of ICO telegram groups have surfaced given the popularity of the platform. ICO Telegram has become inseparable due to its ease of use and outreach.

Why Telegram Important for an ICO?

Telegram has over 100 million active users. In fact, Telegram ICO was so successful that they had to cancel the ICO as the private pre-sales raised an additional $500 million, making the total amount to $1.7 billion. This goes to show the support and interest users and investors have in the messaging platform.

Telegram offers up to 100,000 users in a single group, which makes communication about important announcements a breeze. The platform is quick, secure and offers an API which developers can use to create dedicated bots for the ICO platform.

It is not that easy to builds a crypto community your group on Telegram. It requires a network of members which help increase awareness around the ICO project. This is where steps in.

Builds A Crypto Community for your ICO:

CoinDelite’s Telegram page has been responsible for notable ICO campaigns that lead to their success. The site offers services in which users can get a Telegram Bot that will guide new team members through the various steps. This is just the beginning, users need to have a compelling reason to stay in the group. Periodic engagement is important to ensure that the interest around your ICO does not fade away.

ICO Telegram marketing is one of the best ways upcoming ICO can gain visibility in the crypto space. ICO Telegram promotions such as airdrop and bounty campaigns are two of the most popular ways platforms grow their user base. What’s more, ICO telegram members are generally rewarded for their engagement in the form of cryptocurrency tokens.

The ICO also needs to ensure that the ICO Telegram group is an ad and spam free. This will further increase the user confidence in the platform, making it most likely for these users to invest in your project.

CoinDelite has a huge network of over 100,000 dedicated users. The retention rate of the audience is over 85% and the majority of these users are frequently investing in upcoming ICOs, ensuring that you have the right target audience.

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