Russian Social Media Giant Launches Cryptocurrency – April Fool Prank?

VKontake Launches Cryptocurrency Of Its Own - VK Coin
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VKontake (a.k.a VK), the Russian Facebook rival, launched its own cryptocurrency. There are numerous flashes and reports about the Russian organization considering to develop its own cryptocurrency. It is still unclear if it is for real, or the social media giant played a prank this April Fools eve

On April 1, 2019, the VKontake came with an announcement of launching a new “Cryptocurrency Mining App”, tapping for the “VK Coin” token on its own platform.

To the contrary, the miners who wanted to mine this cryptocurrency were facing some issues in getting the app to do anything other than generating huge amounts of “VK Coin”.

VKontake says –

“VK Coins can be transferred to other users, as well as spent on virtual items.”

There is no way to know what sort of items and goods can be bought, or what the token is worthy of. In fact, there is no information regarding the platform on which it operates.

Here is a screenshot of the app’s user-interface.

Vk Coin App UI

The “pay” button is intended to “credit” users accounts with 0.001 VK Coin.

VKontake released the downloadable app on its own platform, listing is as “VK Coin”. The category falls under is “cryptocurrency mining service”, developed by a body called Happy Santa. The company seems to have developed quite a lot of games and apps for VKontake.

Tass, Russia’s top news agency reported of this earlier, but still VKontake hasn’t commented further on the app or any reports that have surfaced on the web.

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