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UAE Plans To Introduce ICO Regulations In Early 2019

According to a report from English-language local news outlet, The National, United Arab Emirates’ financial regulator will introduce …

admin   December 22, 2018
ICO News

Journalism Network Civil to Relaunch ICO and Introduce Two New Products Next Year

A community-owned journalism network, Civil, based on transparency and trust, has officially announced its new launch in February. …

admin   December 21, 2018
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SEC Considers to Relent Regulations on ICO Fundraising

ICO fundraising has not been easy for token issuers this year, especially in the presence of stringent regulations. …

admin   December 20, 2018
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Russians to be Permitted ICO Investments up to $9,000 Each Year

Russian Lawmakers have revised another bill related to the regulation of the crypto industry. According to the latest …

admin   December 19, 2018
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ICO Team Wallets Lose Over 400,000 ETH

According to data from crypto assets data and software development firm Santiment, over 400,000 ETH have moved out …

admin   December 18, 2018
ICO News

2018 Considered The Year ICO Model Died

The future of the cryptocurrency and digital assets remain in question since the downfall of the crypto market. …

admin   December 17, 2018
ICO News

ICO Price dwindles as Regulatory Pressure Grows

Blockchain and Crypto projects that managed to raise millions through tokenized crowdfunding will be soon returning their capital …

admin   December 15, 2018
ICO News

Crypto Projects to Face Potential Risk of ICO Refunds

According to Pantera Capital Management, about 25 percent of the ICO funded blockchain and digital currency projects are …

admin   December 14, 2018
ICO News

ICO Projects may Face a Potential Ban in Russia

In the past year, a rigorous set of laws has had a growing voice which may not be …

admin   December 13, 2018
ICO News

Crypto Bear Market a Major Deterrent for Investors

The latest stats related to ICO funding in recent months indicate lack of investments in ICO projects amidst …

admin   December 12, 2018

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