ICO Marketing Tips- How To Optimize Your Strategy In 2019

Hot To Optimize Your ICO Marketing Strategy

With the increasing stake and shift towards cryptocurrencies to fund projects, ICOs are becoming quite popular. At the same time, there are many companies competing to find that sweet spot to get their ICOs funded based on their projects. This is where, as a company you’d be needing to know about some ICO marketing tips.

There are multiple strategies that you can apply to pitch your business and marketing plan. To funnel out your competitors, here are some ICO marketing optimizations that you can make right away.

1- Don’t Forget About The Collected Customer Data

The efforts taken to collect your customer data is a vital factor for optimizing your marketing strategy. Making sure you are not forgetting about re-targeting your customers is an add-on, no matter what. Keeping your customers aware of your ongoing projects is never a bad idea. This can be via social media ads, page feed, email marketing, or re-marketing campaigns.

2- A Community To Have Conversations About Your ICO Marketing

A community would come in place whenever you feel like engaging with real people. The goals can be different to engage with your audience. You can choose to engage with your community on some social network or community forums. It can be via Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Medium, Discord, WhatsApp.

Keep in mind that a community is just to have a place to interact with the people who belong to you.
A community also encourages people to raise healthy topics of debate or questions they actually might be having. You also can give them a brief about your ICO marketing on the same community platform that you might be using.

3- Rely On The Best-in-Class ICO Marketing Tools

In recent news and articles surfing online, ICO scams have definitely made a spot that keeps on increasing. But one of the biggest ‘NO!’ from the view an of investor is when your marketing materials are created in such a way that tries to cheat people and looks certainly like a scam at the first place

Avoiding the same scenario translates into taking some extra care. A better designed website with all the social media profiles of the team-members involved in the project ICO linked onto the page itself is a trust-worthy effort.

If you need a full guide on ICO marketing plans and more in-depth article, read more about ICO marketing strategy.

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