INGOT Coin – An ICO Accelerator

INGOT Coin - An ICO Accelerator
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INGOT Coin is working on a game-changing ecosystem that is aimed at linking the traditional finance industry with the crypto market. The accelerator will offer additional services such as supporting the creating of ICO through collaboration with law firms, advisors and specialist marketing companies until the money is listed on the exchange.


The Accelerator offers the following services:

1. ICO Feasibility Studies and Financial Plans

This service will help translate the ideas of the ICO seeker into a business model. It will also help develop a strategy to factor in growth rates and other financial parameters.

2. ICO Concept and Strategy

The proposed ICO will be ranked using a rating system which will take into account the team, terms, and conditions, token and the concept of the ICO. Advisory service will also be given with regard to Initial Coin Offering(ICO). There will also be a provision for a Whitepaper drafting service which would also include legal working and coverage on jurisdiction.

The service will aim to make the Whitepaper SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). The Accelerator will also provide assistance with development, designing the website and content services.

3. ICO Legal and Compliance Advisory Services

The Accelerator will provide complete coordination with an expert panel of local and international attorneys whose experiences span across various industries. This will allow the aspiring ICO to have a tailored legal framework based on the unique requirements. This also includes support for funding options, KYC implementation, token use and funding strategy.

4. ICO Rating Agency

An internationally recognized rating agency will provide a guarantee to investors with regard to team quality, projects, timeline and financial projections for the ICO. 

5. ICO Marketing and Public Relations

  • Roadshows
  • Bounty programs
  • Global conferences
  • Brand image
  • Website design
  • Website blog content
  • Social media and marketing campaigns

6. Listing on IC Exchange

The IC ICO Accelerator service will allow the proposed ICO to get listed on time with a guarantee.

7. Token Design and Wallet Development

For each potential ICO, a complete analysis will be performed to provide custom made tokenization and programming solutions.

INGOT Coin ICO Accelerator is an all-in-one solution for upcoming ICOs. provides the latest news on ICOs from around the world. Learn about the most recent developments, news, scams and more on 

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