ICO Investing Guide: How To Choose The Best ICO

ICO Guide

ICO Investing Guide

ICO Investing has become a popular mode of investment since the rise of cryptocurrency in the market. There are plenty of ICOs available to invest in. Every out of which promises heavy toll of returns and perks for the right investor.

There are some steps that, we at ListofICO feel, must be followed before investing in order to distinguish between good ICOs and ICO scams.

It is worth taking a note that the cryptocurrency platform and others lie over the experimental stage. Keeping the same in mind, we have curated a fine list of steps that will help you when you’d be investing in an ICO.

1- Evaluating The Right ICOs

Performing a hygiene check about ICOs can A general project that bears an ICO will be having a neat-looking website and a white paper. The white paper would basically describe the goals and the idea of reaching them in approximate manner. It also would list the names of team members working on the project.

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Evaluating the right ICO is an important factor while you are about to invest in the right ICO. There are multiple hygiene actions that one must be performed beforehanded.

How Would You Spot ICO Scam?

Check out the social media profiles of the development team listed on the company website. Make sure they don’t mention ‘anonymous’ or ‘ghost’ developers. Fake ICOs would claim the involvement of some popular faces, make sure you check the same before.

Although you end up understanding the reality of any profiles listed the above way, performing a deep research won’t hurt. Checking out schooling and college life of the team mentioned in the individual social media channels or Linkedin are prominent through out.

Seek Help From Social Media & Communities

Checking out the profiles of the team-members will surely help you out, but making sure you get more opinions of active members/experts from a niche-community or forum will add up to your decision making part.

Being subjective in terms of staying active towards bounty posts & some threads over the forums can add much more. Bounty posts do not necessarily objectify ICO scam. Instead, it shows a diligent & experienced team that’s great in campaigning.

People always like answering and helping out other people in need of more information, benefit it out. Check out if the team members are also present on the same forum/community you’ve landed upon.

Research On More Upcoming ICOs

Looking at some other options that come up with a better feature can make sense sometimes. It goes well with the basic ability of a human being to look at more options when you are investing in something. Having an overall knowledge of the ICOs that are coming up, and give out better outcomes and promises is always better.

Here are some websites that let you know about the latest and upcoming ICOs

1- ICO Alert
2- Coin Schedule
3- ICO Rating
4- List of ICO
5- ICO Bench

Communities that can help you stay updated with ICO listings

1- Bitcoin Talk
2- Slack
3- Reddit

Researching With An Active Mindset

Invest in any ICOs only when you finish out your doubts. Look at more review and analysis done by the people who are solely into blockchain & ICOs.

Final Takeaway

Keeping an active eye on a project that seems promising and more fair than the rest of crowd does, is always better. Begin your steps with evaluating the best out of best-in-your-list.

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