ICO & Cryptocurrency Trends To Look For In 2019

ICO and Cryptocurrency Trends In 2019

2019 has started with a leap in the cryptocurrency industry. Seeing the same, experts in the cryptocurrency and ICO marketing arena have started to predict the future of this year. They have jot down a couple of trends to look after this year.

Looking at the big picture, the leap from initial days of developing cryptocurrency seems to be on a better track. We did see some bumps on the paths in 2018, with trends getting torn apart in the BTC area.

With 2019 just taking its time to settle, the ‘crypto-gurus’ have made their ways to know and tell about upcoming trends in the digital currency arena this year.

Cryptocurrency Trends in 2019

Crypto-gurus predict that the trading volume in crypto trading all over the globe will see an increment over the past. Even though the BTC saw a silhouette-like downside gradient last year, the trading volume of cryptocurrency is expected to go more than 50% higher than the previous year.

Cryptocurrency experts even predict that the corporate debt in USA would be cleared with this incremental change.

This year would also see an increase in the cryptocurrency adoption as a trend. Predictions say, there would be bigger things than only limiting cryptocurrency to the retail sector. Even the institutional bodies will get into adopting cryptocurrency to the core. Ohio has already started with accepting taxes in crypto-forms, and it won’t be a surprise if other State governments would start to follow the same.

Bitcoin Trading In 2019

Even though there have been n-number of Altcoins in the market, but BTC still rules as the staple crypto-trading element with 33% of crypto trade volumes. The same will be dominating the entire market in 2019, say the crypto-experts. Getting ahead in the line, Tether comes in the 2nd space, followed by Ethereum.

The big thing to look after in 2019’s crypto arena is if the BTC-ETF gets approved or not. There are several reports where it seems SEC rejected the proposal in 2018, having blamed the BTC related volatility and illiquidity issues. It also is a report that one of a senior SEC commissioner himself told that BTC-ETF seems to be ‘definitely possible’.

The crypto-experts have predicted that crypto-trading would be far more versatile in 2019. Not only the Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the investors might show some more interest in the growing braces of digital assets. This relates to an expansion into a versatile exchange.

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