Existence Of Cryptocurrency Due To Blockchain

How blockchain enables the existence of cryptocurrency

How Does Blockchain Enable The Existence Of Cryptocurrency

The industry has gone through multiple economic instability, digital growth, and multiple advancements and losses. Due to many arising reasons and headlines, cryptocurrency and blockchain have gathered a lot of attention. One can be the boom in the growth of Bitcoin. But how is blockchain affecting cryptocurrency to hit the right notes, and sneak into mainstream, let’s find out.

Blockchain : What is it?

Considering the example of a bank. There are employees or some programmed codes that take care of the ledger. Similarly, once the transaction has been made, it gets logged manually or automatically depending on the end that updates it. It is kept private and gets displayed on a request.

Blockchain goes a bit different. Every blockchain ledger is public, meaning accessible for everyone. A transaction gets logged into a ledger as soon as it is completed. When the code of the program is run, it corresponds on behalf of the code with a rewarding request,

Cryptocurrency : What is it, again?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that promotes the decentralized technology. Users of cryptocurrencies store their monetary data in a crypto wallet.

A cryptocurrency eliminates the need for any controlling body that handles the innate security and is able to tamper along. Since the fiat currencies are easy to get abused, cryptocurrencies and decentralization methods provide a sense of relief.

Development Of Blockchain For Cryptocurrency

The initial seeds of cyptocurrencies made a place for many years, but actually never made a way to get in use. Need to have a secure transaction method was still a challenge.

Blockchain technology was adapted and raised almost a decade ago. This was to resolve the above mentioned issues in the society. Blockchain technology works on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The same avoids any control from a third-party mechanism. Every transaction is visible and are verified by a large community.

There is a possibility to alter a blockchain (technically though) only when one party controls over 50% of the processing. The approach towards possibilities and aim to gather a better transaction system seems like an edge towards decentralization.

A Decentralized Future

There are some companies looking forward to form a smaller community-driven blockchain systems. They look to the ones that find some other incentives for mining.

Having decentralized ledger technologies like IOTA, alternatives to blockchain do exist today. IOTA varies in a few points when compared to blockchain. IOTA does not require mass effort to make segments of blockchain, instead a goal of ‘tangle’ is required if anyone makes a transaction to verify two specific transactions in a process. ‘Tangle’ refers to have mutually verified transactions that need no financial incentives.

Future definitely relies on blockchain for various sectors. Bitcoin would never have done such revolutions without blockchain. It remains a great way to get out of the tradition financial system.

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