20 Things to Consider Before Investing in an ICO

20 Things to Consider Before Investing in an ICO

Given the rapid increase in the rise of new ICOs, things can easily get confusing. Users find it difficult to separate the good ICOs from bad ones. ListofICO.com is here to help. Here are the considerations that you should make before investing in an ICO.


  1. What do you think about the idea? How does it stand out from the competition?
  2. How is the overall presentation? Did they make an engaging website and logo? Is the website free from bugs? A good website has a better chance to attract more potential investors
  3. The product is scalable according to market requirements. This means that the product should be capable of expansion if the requirement surfaces.
  4. Contracts are published on GitHub.
  5. The company is legally registered according to the requirements and regulations of the country its based in.
  6. The team has a strong background and has a good understanding of the project and the underlying technology.
  7. The project has a social media presence. People are aware of the project’s existence.
  8. The past history of the key people in the project. Were they involved in a scam? What have they achieved before becoming a part of this project?
  9. The token can be traded on exchanges. The list of exchanges it will trade on.
  10. Does the token have utility? How can the users benefit from spending this particular cryptocurrency?
  11. The MVP (Minimal Viable Product) or the prototype is already online or is scheduled to launch in the near future.
  12. The project is aimed towards solving a real problem.
  13. The business plan and objectives are laid out clearly by the project team. These plans should be actionable.
  14. The team has invested time in SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis. Additionally, the team has carried out a comprehensive research for a clear and concise vision.
  15. A project has set a maximum cap for investors to avoid accumulation of share of tokens in the hands of a select few.
  16. Active community management and responsiveness. Visit the project’s Telegram channel and observe if the admins are active in resolving and answering user queries.
  17. An experienced team of developers that are capable of building the product.
  18. The Whitepaper is unobstructed and easy to understand. 
  19. Project milestones and actionable goals are defined.
  20. Discounts offered during the private sale, pre-sale or crowd-sale is under 30%.


After going through these 20 parameters, the final question you have to ask yourself is that equipped with the information that you have gained, would you be willing to invest in this project?

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