ICO & Cryptocurrency Trends To Look For In 2019

2019 has started with a leap in the cryptocurrency industry. Seeing the same, experts in the cryptocurrency and …

Anurag Ganguly   January 17, 2019
ICO News

ICO Operators continue to Suffer due to SEC’s Unconducive Regulations

Many of us are already aware that the SEC of the United States has been actively taking measures …

admin   January 15, 2019
ICO News

FactSet Takes Blockchain Terminal Affiliate to Court

According to documents published by the Supreme Court for the New York State, a financial research company based …

admin   January 11, 2019
ICO News

Substratum Accused of Misplacing ICO Funds

Many users on Twitter and Reddit have raised concerns regarding Substratum, an open-source project that strives to create …

admin   January 10, 2019
Reverse ICO

Using Reverse ICOs to Tokenize Real Assets

Back in mid-2018, the world witnessed the end of long ICO trend, which helped many blockchain startups to …

admin   January 9, 2019
ICO News

Binance’s ICO Platform is All Set for Action

Binance will be carrying out initial coin offerings (ICOs) on its token sale platform, Launchpad, almost every month in …

admin   January 8, 2019
Blockchain News

Blockchain Technology has not Achieved Enough: Mckinsey & Company

The top consultation firm Mckinsey & Company has claimed that blockchain technology is failing to make progress past …

admin   January 7, 2019
ICO News

SEC of Philippines Puts Off Issuance of ICO Regulations

The Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission (PSEC) has delayed the issuance of finalized regulations for initial coin offering …

admin   January 4, 2019

Indian State Police Issue Warning Against Crypto Investments

According to the reports from local business news daily the Business standard, the police of Indian State of …

admin   January 3, 2019
ICO Scam

Crypto Banking Startup Crumbles Post ICO Failure

The ambitious crypto startup, Hush, which was aiming to develop the first participative, regulated, tokenized and cryptocurrency friendly …

admin   January 2, 2019

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